The Sustainable 19125 & 19134 website is your one-stop shop for free stuff and information about all things sustainable!

Whether you need something small like a recycling bin or want help working on a bigger project combating storm water runoff around your home, we’ll connect you to the free stuff you need to help keep your sustainable gears going! Free Stuff!

Free, Energy

CUSP Newsletter
Climate and Urban Systems Partnership came out with a newsletter. Check it out to learn more about climate change in Philadelphia!


PA Power Switch
In Pennsylvania, you can choose the company that generates your electricity - also known as your electric supplier. This means you have the power to switch to a competing supplier who can offer the lowest price, or provide a specific service you want such as green/renewable energy
Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance


How is climate change impacting Philadelphia?
Check out Philly CUSP to see what our city is doing to help reduce the impact of climate change! 
Philly Tree People
Want a tree, want to help plant trees in the 19125 and 19134 area? Philly Tree People is beautifying the neighborhood by bringing tree coverage to the streets of East Kensington, Kensington and Fishtown.
Alliance for Sustainable Communities: Lehigh Valley
Green Plan Philadelphia
Mayor's Office of Sustainability: Philadelphia
Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Green For All
Green Worker Cooperatives
The Tree People
U.S. Green Building Council
American Planning Association
Cities Go Green: A blog
About Sustainability
Wondering what sustainability is all about and how it affects your life? Check out this resource which shows you how your green actions positively impact your life, pocketbook, and the environment!

Water Conservation

Rain Barrels
Check out this video from StormwaterPA about the simplicity of rain barrels and the positive impact they have on our environment and drinking water! Rain Barrels are easy to install, provide free water for non-drinking use--and best of all, make a real difference to or rivers and streams!
Slowing Rainwater Runoff Block by Block
In cities, we have severely altered the natural water cycle; during storms, this can cause street and basement flooding and result in rainwater carrying pollution into our rivers and streams. Greening movements all over the country are finding new ways to manage this problem and are considering stormwater runoff as a resource instead of a waste.
Rain Gardens
Check out this video from StormwaterPA about how/why you should install a rain garden!  A rain garden is an landscaped area planted with wildflowers and other vegetation (preferably native to the area) that has been designed to collect water that runs off a roof, driveway, or other parts of a property. Rain gardens are intended to fill with water during storms and slowly filter the water into the ground. During heavy rains, they can prevent storm sewer overflows that can end up in our rivers and streams.

Free, Recycling

The Compost Coop Newsletter
Read up on all the happenings at the Compost Coop and find out how you can get involved here!
Recycling Sticker
Come into NKCDC's office (2515 Frankford Ave.) to pick-up a free "RECYCLING" sticker to turn any container 20-gallons or less into a recycling bin!
Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Sticker
Get points redeemable for rewards and gift cards when you recycle curbside!   Fill out an application online or come into NKCDC's office (2515 Frankford Ave.) to register and pick up your rewards sticker!  

Free, Greening

Yard Tree
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is offering Philadelphia residents the chance to sign up for FREE yard trees for their private property (front, back, and side yards).
Street Tree Block Program
Get a beautiful tree-lined street by organizing your neighbors and applying for the TreePhilly Street Tree Block Program! 


Know What to Recycle
Have a quick question about what you can or can't recycle here in Philadelphia? Find out right away using this resource and be sure to follow-up with our Recycling Champion if you have any more questions!
Hazardous Waste Drop-off schedule
This is a document about where and when you should drop of Hazardous materials.


National Complete Streets Coalition
Reconnecting America: Transit Oriented Development

Free, Water Conservation

Rain Check
Rain Check is a Philadelphia Water Department program that helps residents manage stormwater and beautify their homes.